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Cerro Dragon Landscape

Begin Cruise Itinerary (Sunday) - Galapagos Odyssey - 4 night / 5 day Itinerary B (Northern Islands)

AM: Arrive to the Baltra Airport

  • After arriving at Baltra airport you will be greeted by a representative of the Galapagos Odyssey and will begin activities included with your cruise.

PM: Santa Cruz, Dragon Hill - dry landing. Activities: hiking, panga ride

  • Land iguanas and the flamingo lagoons are two of the highlights of this site.
  • Feral dogs once nearly eliminated the iguanas, but the Galapagos National Park removed them in 1990, and the reptiles seem to be making a comeback.
  • The trail (3km/2 miles round trip) leads through dry-zone vegetation to a small hill where the iguanas live.
  • The area is home to Galapagos mockingbirds, Darwin┬┤s finches, varieties of the endemic Opuntia and candelabra cacti, and Galapagos cotton.
  • The small offshore island of Venecia is not open for landing, but land iguanas are easy to spot during the panga ride along its shore.
  • These were protected as a breeding nucleus when the feral dogs threatened the main population at Dragon Hill.
  • Green turtles, sharks, and rays may be spotted on the panga ride, while black-necked stilts, white-cheeked pintails, and migratory shorebirds are usually present on the shoreline.

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