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Hotel Categories and Styles

Below are some guidelines we use for the different hotel category/style choices for our itineraries.  This provides a rough idea of what kind of traveler profile generally fits the different levels, but be sure to take a look at each property to make sure it's a fit for you (we can and do work with many other properties as well). 

4-Star Superior

Pleasant, Select-Service & Boutique Properties

  • Refined properties in excellent locations offering higher-end, albiet not necessarily luxury level accommodations.
  • Often these properties have more limited services (for example, no room service or laundry service) than luxury level accommodations
  • Some of our 4-star level properties are smaller, boutique style hotels, although many are mid-sized and large properties as well.

5-Star Luxury

Upscale, Full-Service & Boutique Properties

  • Deluxe, upscale properties with a full range of service offerings, fine cuisine and luxurious accommodations.
  • Our luxury properties are some of the most renowned in their locations, with a history of excellence and superlative remarks from our clients.
  • Most are mid-sized to large properties, although in certain destinations we use luxury-level boutique accommodations as well.

If there is a particular property you would like to use in lieu of any of our recommendations just let us know.

All properties, regardless of the category/style, are well thought-out and carefully-designed with the big picture view of the full trip in mind to maximize your time and provide you with the best value possible. 

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